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Submit the form to refer a Worker’s Compensation patient to Town Center Orthopaedics. A representative will contact them to schedule an appointment. You can also have the patient call (571) 346-2411 to schedule an appointment directly with our 24/7 Call Center.

Worker’s Comp Solution

Workplace injuries are a matter of concern for businesses and employees. Worker’s compensation, also known as workman’s comp, is a type of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees who have been:

  • Physically injured
  • Suffering from occupational overuse syndrome
  • Illness from job

Employees have a legal right to seek workers’ compensation benefits when injured on the job. These benefits can help cover:

  • The costs of medical treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Other expenses associated with the injury
  • Disability benefits
  • Job training

Employees need to seek worker’s comp as soon as possible after a workplace injury to ensure they receive the necessary medical treatment and financial support to help them recover and return to work.

The Town Center Orthopaedics experts understand the complex nature of workers’ compensation cases and work closely with employers and injured employees to provide the highest quality care.

Fill out the form to refer a Worker’s Comp patient to Town Center Orthopaedics. If you have any questions, please contact our Workers’ Compensation Coordinator at (703) 483-4674.

If you are a patient that has been injured on the job, don’t wait to seek medical attention. Request an Appointment today.

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What Clients Say

I appreciate it I’ll call before the procedure explaining what was going to happen. I didn’t like the pounding to put in the cement but I knew that it was not going to last very long because of Dr. B. At the moment my back is still hurting but I am expecting that it will improve. I just woke up from a long nap because of all the “tequila”. I so appreciate the expertise of the doctors


The patient visit was great. Staff, nurses, therapists and doctor all very professional. My disappointment is the website...I have a post visit question and the section where you are supposed to send messages does not allow you to select a person in the TO: box. Not at all user friendly and detracts from the positive interaction I had with the doctor.


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