Administrative FAQs

When do I need to arrive for my appointment?

Please arrive to your appointment location approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Please bring with you a government issued photo ID and your insurance card(s). We recommend that you complete your information on the patient portal prior to your visit to assist in a quicker check-in process.

What are your office days and hours?

Monday (Centreville): 9-5
Tuesday (Reston): 9-5
Thursday (Reston) 1st, 3rd and 5th: 8-12:30 / 2nd and 4th : 1:30-5
Friday (Centreville): 8-11:30.
*Please call the office main number, (571) 250-5435, for additional times, as I often add extra hours during the week.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?
  1. Please complete the necessary medical information forms.
  2. A government issued photo ID and your insurance card(s)
  3. Any relevant imaging studies (MRI, CT, Xrays, etc.) and their corresponding reports
  4. If another physician has performed surgery on the body part to be evaluated, it is helpful if you could bring the Operative Report(s). This can be obtained from the medical records department at the hospital where the surgery was performed or from the operative surgeon’s office.
  5. A list of questions that you wish to have answered
  6. It is often a good idea to bring a friend or family member to help you remember what we discussed.
  7. If English is not your primary language, you may wish to bring someone to help translate for us.
What is your cancellation policy?

If you’d like to cancel or change your appointment or surgery date or time, we ask that you call as soon as possible so that other patient’s may have an opportunity to schedule an appointment or surgery during that time.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call our main office number, (571) 250-5435. If you have any difficulties, please contact my assistant.

How can I schedule surgery?
  1. If we have not discussed surgery in detail or if you would like to discuss surgery further, please come in for an appointment and we can schedule surgery at that time.
  2. If we have previously discussed the surgery and I have answered all your questions to your satisfaction, then you can schedule by contacting my assistant.
Can I fill out the necessary paperwork on-line before my visit?
  • Yes you can and I strongly recommend this. This will help to expedite the check-in process. The patient forms are to be completed on our Patient Portal. This is accessible by clicking on this link or visiting our website: and clicking on the patient portal link on the top of the page. When your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email with your access code for the portal, which you will use along with your birthday to enter the portal. You will also receive a reminder phone call in which your access code will be provided again.
  • For first time patients, there are several documents that need to be completed: Demographics, Medical and Social History, Health Review and a form detailing the history of the problem that you wish us to evaluate (Visit Reason). For the Visit Reason form, please select the “Initial Visit” form.
  • For returning patients, you should review the information on the Demographics, Medical and Social History and Health Review pages and make any necessary changes or updates. Please also complete the appropriate Visit Reason form: Initial Visit (for a new problem), Follow-up Visit or Post-op Visit.
How do I get medicine prescriptions refilled?
  1. Please ask your pharmacist to fax a refill request to our office at 703-787-6575.
  2. We do not fill prescription over the weekend or after hours, so please ensure that your request is sent Monday thru Friday during business hours.
How do I get another prescription for additional Physical therapy?

Please ask your therapist to fax your most recent progress report with a request for continuation of treatment to 703-483-4665.

How do I get forms completed?

Requests for completion of forms for disability, FLMA, return to work, etc. should be faxed to 703-787-6575 attn: Judy or you may send the form request to my assistant.

Please complete your portion of the forms prior to providing them to us. This will assist in earlier completion. Please allow 7-10 business days for form completion. Some form completions do require a $30.00 payment. If you have any additional questions, please contact our office main number at (571) 250-5435.

Who can I speak with about my bill?

Please contact our main number at (571) 250-5435 and ask to speak with the billing department.

Who can I speak with about insurance related issues?

Please contact our main number at (571) 250-5435 and ask to speak with the billing department.

How do I get copies of my medical history? X-rays? Arthroscopy Pictures?

Please print, complete and sign the medical release form and fax to 703-787-6575 or you may hand deliver or email your request to my assistant. Be sure to complete all sections of the form. If you would like to request these records to be sent electronically, please complete the electronic request form along with the generic request form.

Can I return “Durable Medical Equipment (DME)” (ie. Brace, splint, etc.) I obtained from your office?

Due to OSHA regulations, DME is not returnable. If you believe that you were provided DME that was of the wrong size or faulty, and you are requesting a refund, please call our main number, (571) 250-5435, and ask to speak with someone in our billing department.

What hospitals are you affiliated with?

I perform most of my surgery at Reston Surgery Center and Northern Virginia Surgery Center. I also perform surgery at Reston Hospital and INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital as medically indicated.

What should I do if I need medical assistance after business hours or on weekends?
  1. If you believe your issue is an emergency, please first call 911 in order to save time. Then when able, please call our office at (571) 250-5435 and inform the on-call doctor of the situation.
  2. For all other issues or questions, you can call the on-call doctor at (571) 250-5435.
Would Dr. Berg be willing to speak to my organization?

always enjoy speaking to groups about Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, prevention and treatment of injuries, the pursuit of medicine as a career and many other topics. If you would like me to speak to your organization, please contact my assistant.

I have been contacted by someone offering an “Ice Machine” (Cryotherapy) for postop use, is this necessary?
  1. For a number of surgical procedures, I recommend ice therapy. For those cases, using an ice machine is not necessary but it is helpful. You may use an ice bag instead but the machine is much more convenient, delivers the ice more uniformly and provides an automated “break” period to help prevent injury.
  2. If I have recommended postoperative ice therapy and you are interested in an ice machine but no one has contacted you, please contact my assistant.

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