Essential Guide to Shoulder Pain and Injuries

Shoulder pain affects 18-26% of adults, making it one of the most common regional pain syndromes. With age, reduced (or lack of) exercise, and less-than-ideal lifestyle choices, the incidence of shoulder pain and injury go up. That’s why we gathered our comprehensive knowledge and experience of “all things shoulder” to create this essential guide to shoulder injury, pain, treatment, and prevention.

This guide will help you better understand the complex anatomy of the shoulder, identify potential causes of your pain/condition, avoid future injuries and atrophy, as well as build up shoulder strength and beauty over time. To keep it simple, we organized this eBook into three sections with specific shoulder conditions that may apply to your situation:

  • Pain: Shoulder Injury Types, Causes, and Treatments
  • Maintain: Healthy Shoulder Habits for Everyday Life
  • Train: Simple Bodyweight Stretches and Exercises

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