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Shoulder Instability Q & A

What is shoulder instability?

Shoulder instability is a common shoulder problem. The shoulder joint is the most mobile of all the major joints. Fortunately, it usually remains stable. At times, however, the shoulder “slips out of the joint.” When this occurs, you have shoulder instability.

What are the symptoms of shoulder instability?

There are different types of shoulder instability – each with somewhat varied symptoms. Your shoulder will often feel as though it slips partially, or in some cases, entirely out of the joint. In some, the shoulder can get stuck out of the joint. If so, it may require assistance to be put back in place. These symptoms are frequently associated with pain. Sometimes when you have shoulder instability, pain may be the only symptom you feel.

How does shoulder instability occur?

Some people are born with naturally loose joints. For various reasons, their shoulders can become symptomatic. Others may develop shoulder instability from frequent overhead activities like throwing, swimming, and volleyball. Finally, shoulder instability can occur from an abrupt traumatic injury, such as during a fall, tackling in football, or while wrestling.

How is shoulder instability diagnosed?

The sports medicine doctors at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates often can diagnose shoulder instability after an examination in the office. An MRI of your shoulder is sometimes needed. If so, our staff will help make arrangements for you to get an MRI as efficiently as possible.

How is shoulder instability treated?

Different treatments are appropriate depending on the type of instability you have, how much it affects you, and the various bone or soft tissue injuries that may exist. Sometimes physical therapy is all that is needed. If so, our excellent physical therapists will have you back in the game in no time. In other cases, your shoulder may require surgery to regain stability. If surgery is necessary, our skilled sports medicine surgeons are proficient in the latest techniques. You will need physical therapy after surgery. So our surgeons and physical therapists at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates will work together to get your shoulder stable.

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