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Sports injury doctors are trained to diagnose and treat injuries related to sports participation. They typically see athletes of all ages and abilities, including those participating in youth sports, high school, college, and professional athletics. Sports medicine physicians must complete an accredited residency program in orthopedic surgery followed by fellowship training in sports medicine.

Orthopedic sports medicine doctors perform procedures like arthroscopic knee surgeries, shoulder repairs, ankle reconstructions, and many other surgeries. With their knowledge, sports injury specialists can diagnose and treat injuries ranging from sprains and strains to tendon tears and fractures.

Orthopedic sports specialists work with athletic trainers or coaches to help with injury prevention before they occur. They also educate patients about how to prevent common overuse injuries.

Town Center Orthopaedics offers the best sports injury doctors for preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries that occur to physically active people of all ages due to sports, work or other energetic activities. They specialize in rehabilitating patients, so they can return to enjoying and participating in activities that mean so much to them.

Sports Injury Doctors Q & A

When should you see a sports injury doctor?

Athletes should see a sports medicine specialist if they experience pain during exercise or activity. A physician can rule out serious problems such as broken bones and torn ligaments. If you’re injured, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You could miss weeks of training or even months of competition if you don’t receive proper care.

What treatment options do sports doctors use?

Treatment of sports injuries often involves rest, ice packs, compression garments, physical therapy, and medications. Some injuries require surgical repair, but most do not.

Resting the injured area is an essential part of recovery. Resting your body allows blood flow to return to the affected areas, which helps reduce swelling and inflammation. It also reduces stress on muscles that may be strained.

What are the benefits of a sports medicine doctor?

Sports medicine doctors are experts when it comes to treating sports-related injuries. They know what exercises will strengthen your muscles and improve your overall health. They also understand the importance of good nutrition and hydration and how to rehabilitate your body after an injury occurs properly.

What kind of sports injuries does TCO treat? What are the risks of delaying treatment?

The result can be a delay in diagnosis and treatment, leading to a more serious or disabling injury.

What are common symptoms?

Symptoms that do not go away after rest and home treatment should be evaluated, as well as any condition that affects training or performance that has not been given a diagnosis or has not been treated or any condition that may be a risk to other teammates or competitors.

What are the conditions that an athlete should see a doctor for?

An athlete may need to see a doctor for acute injuries, overuse injuries, or chronic injuries. After an evaluation, a doctor will decide if an athlete can participate in sports.

Is sports medicine only for athletes?

Sports medicine frequently focuses on the athletic population. However, many nonathletic individuals suffer from sports-related injuries because of their exercise routines, other leisure activities, or work.

Can your primary care physician treat sports injuries?

Family doctors are trained to handle various medical issues, including sports injuries. However, many primary care providers don’t specialize in treating athletes. For the best results, schedule an appointment with an orthopedic sports specialist.

Where can you find a sports medicine doctor?

Your primary physician may refer you to a sports doctor. However, the Town Center Orthopaedics sports doctors are prepared and ready to treat sports injuries to get you or a loved one back to the games you love.

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