Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement Q & A

What is a knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is a procedure that addresses severe damage to your knee joint. Damage to your knee joint can result in severe pain and affect the way you walk, run, or stand.

The knee is a complex structure that supports your mobility and allows you to bend your leg. Town Center Orthopaedic Associates offers both partial and total knee replacements as well as revision knee replacement.

During knee replacement surgery, your surgeon replaces the damaged parts of your knee with artificial parts.

Why do I need a knee replacement?

Town Center Orthopaedic Associates may suggest knee replacement surgery if you suffer from severe pain that hasn’t or no longer responds to conservative treatments. There are a number of conditions that can cause damage to your knee, including:

  • Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Infections
  • Arthritis

In most cases, severe arthritis causes the need for a knee replacement. Arthritis can deteriorate the cartilage in your knee to the point where it causes bone to rub against bone.

A severely arthritic knee is very painful and can lead to complications like bone spurs or excessive bone developing around the edge of the joint.

If you suffer from a painful knee condition, it can affect your ability to walk, exercise, go to work, or enjoy time with your loved ones. Knee replacement surgery offers long-term pain relief and restores your ability to walk and stand normally.

What happens during knee replacement surgery?

During knee replacement, your surgeon places your knee in a bent position to expose the knee joint. After making several incisions, they remove the damaged parts of your knee joint.

Your surgeon then prepares the area for your artificial knee replacement and positions the parts in place. Your surgeon completes the procedure by ensuring the knee functions properly and closing your incisions. Typically, the procedure takes about two hours.

What should I expect from my recovery?

Every procedure is different, so recovery times vary. Typically, you stay in the hospital or surgery center for a day or two. Your surgeon prescribes pain medication to minimize your discomfort during the recovery period.

Knee replacement surgery requires physical therapy afterward. Physical therapy helps restore your strength and stability, allowing you to gradually increase your activity level and return to your normal routine.

At Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, the surgeons and physical therapists work together to ensure each patient achieves a successful recovery after knee replacement surgery.

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